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Clinical / Medical Negligence

Were mistakes made whilst on the operating table? We may be able to help.

No-one expects to leave hospital worse off than when they came – and whilst we all appreciate and understand the stresses and strains our doctors are placed under, medical negligence is never an acceptable conclusion to a medical procedure. Fortunately we are here to help.

These are matters we review on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Michael Wafer to discuss in greater depth to see if we may be able to assist.

Unfortunately since 2012 sweeping changes have been made to the legal system. Costs are fixed so that we are only entitled to a set amount of money for the work that we do and this is very low. This therefore means that we are forced, as are other solicitors, to deduct part of your compensation in part payment of our costs and at the moment this is set at a maximum of 25% of your compensation. If you are to receive £4,000.00 in compensation we would deduct £1,000.00. There is obviously an incentive for us to secure for you the best possible deal –something that is, of course, mutually beneficial.

Prior to 2012 if a case was taken to Court and lost the defendant’s costs would have to be paid by the loser, either you or us. However, since the introduction of Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting – also known as QOCS - if a case proceeds to trial and is lost there is no responsibility on you or us to pay the opposition’s costs but there is one significant exception to this rule which is that if the Court decides, however, that if you have behaved fraudulently the protection is removed and you will be personally liable to pay the opposition’s fees. The Government are keen to stop what it sees as widespread fraud and deception (the actual reality is another matter) in regard to car crash claims and it is because of this perception that changes have been made and continue to be made to the legal system.


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